Employment Site Costs and Services

Isn’t it ridiculous these days how much internet employment sites charge for their services? I mean, a single post from some of these heavyweight sites range from $100-$300. If you ask me I think it’s a rip off. Sure you get tons of exposure, but that’s not always a good thing because employers get bombarded with resumes and have no time to look through each and every one. Through research I’ve found that employers get better results from low key local job search sites such as Postmeup.com. This is because job seekers tend to go where there is less competition for better exposure.

Another benefit I’ve found is that low key online job search sites usually allow employers to post jobs for free. That’s a major plus because like I mentioned before those bigger sites will charge you hundreds of dollars just for one post.

When job seekers try to find a job they usually try to find a job online. Why not right, it’s way more convenient then taking the traditional route of walking from business to business to find local jobs. The thing is there is so much competition, especially on the larger job sites and job seekers don’t get the responses or attention they need. This is what leads them to look elsewhere.

Other things job seekers look for in an online job site are career tools. Some things they look for are how to write a resume, how to write a cover letter or how to prepare for an interview. Overall, they look for sites that intergrate all these different resources into one.