Build A Professional Website That Pulls Targeted Traffic

No Matter What Type of Product or Service You Offer, This System Allows You To Quickly and Easily Get Noticed, Ranked and Pulling In More Leads and Sales Than You Thought Possible.

This system is easy, professional and produces results. What more could you ask for?

I will admit that it does cost some money to set-up but not nearly as much as you would think and the cost is about the same (maybe even less) than using the traditional methods of doing it yourself.

After all if you are building a business, you have to expect that there is going to be some set-up cost. It really needs to be viewed as the cost of doing business and is part of your business investment.

I only wish I discovered these simple steps before I spent the money to set-up my business sites. Since that time I have switched to using these tools.

Important Note: These tools have not been developed by me. They are from several different sources (and I am not even sure these other sources know about each other.) I endorse them because they have produced results for me. They have made my life easier and more productive.

Since, I have gotten involved in using the web to get my message out, my tool use and process has evolved. But I am going to start with where I am right now and then work my way back in time. The benefit for you is that you can see (and maybe relate) to my examples, solutions and successes. So, let’s get started. Current System and Success Achieved

The Three Main Components of The System

  1. Build your site by intergrating both a website and blog as one system. I use wordpress (which is free) and is included as an install in the better hosting services available.
  2. I use Blue Host as my primary hosting service. They are the best and very easy to use. In fact, you need to be careful because not all hosting services are created equal. You will need to load wordpress in the root directory. Blue Host allows you to do this easily and quickly. In fact it takes me about 30 seconds to set-it up.
  3. Then I install a set of wordpress templates called SemioLogic Pro Package [] These are absolutely outstanding, professional and built to automate all the key performance enhancements that you want and need to help you get noticed and monetize your site.

That’s basically it. Of course I do a little customizing to the system but overall using this system will get your site looking professional and ready to get you the traffic you need to generate leads or make you money right away.