Demographics – The Ability to Manage Change (How to Dominate the Internet)

Demographics is the heart of the majority of business decisions. The lucrative art of positioning ones self for prosperity, longevity and to simply survey… It is essential for your business to know who your target audience is. Establish a niche topic, locate your customers and unleash your marketing campaign.

Generation y, the “Echo Boomers”

Generation y is were the bulk of your profit will come from. The “echo boomers” is what they call them, and these 72 million young computer literate prosperous peoples impact on marketing has been immense… Generation y is driven on motivation, there attraction to instant gratification allows us marketers to leverage this attraction by simply providing what they want when they desire it. Provide them with the ability to provide continuous feedback, thus providing this generation with the comfort and security of feeling important…

Effective Target Marketing

True or false… Is your target market every single mortal with a beating heart? No. The dimensions of your wallet, couldn’t possibly compensate the mass budget required to target all markets period… Define your target market while simultaneously possessing the essential ability to discover your defined target audience, then proceeding to convince the need of your product or service to that audience. However, if you are required to convince your target audience your product or service is in need, or you can’t find them. The market you’ve chosen is not a good market.

The Importance of managing change…

Establish a niche topic tailor made for your defined audience. The survival of your business is based upon your unique understanding of the single most relevant constant in a business environment…change. Businesses like Google and eBay are prosperous because they uniquely understand this important concept. The pay close attention to there specific business environment or market in which they’re operating in. As well as the trends in which affect all businesses, then proceeding to successfully adapt to those trends.

The ability of identifying potential opportunities, through effectively managing change is essential to the art of dodging the tales of business failure…

What Niche Please help…
Deciding which niche top is best, is were the majority of us are misinformed or are partially confused…
If your having a problem deciding which niche topic to choose. Then I recommend writing down topics of interests in which you are passionate about, or are an expert or have great interest in. Simultaneously inputting both general and sub niche topics to choose from. For example, a general niche topic would be dogs while a sub niche topic would be pitbulls. Next is to label each niche topic with a problem it’s facing, then proceeding to narrow it down to the most profitable niche. Discover which niche topic is most profitable, by inputting each niche topics keyword in google. Whatever niche topics’ keyword produces the highest results, naturally you want to pick this niche to market to. However, if you are more passionate about a keyword topic which produced lower results in google. Simply select that one. Passion over potential profit any day…

The Social Web…

An additional strategy you could embrace is obtaining real time data and information, provided by social networking websites. Social networking sites are the essential unique features, of the new web 2.0 technology… With social websites like myspace, ebay, YouTube or wowzza. The end users is no-longer the user of the website, but a participant providing feedback, and data into the applications. Additionally social websites provide us with an excellent resource of discovering what’s on the mind of our customers. Thus allowing us the intangible tools of getting inside the minds of our customers. Which is essential to selling any product or service, or when in the beginning process of deciding which product or service you want to provide.

Google trends: Discover what your customers are searching for.

Trends change almost as swift as the rate of changing gas prices… Sometimes hourly, weekly, or even 1 minute. Trends online are specifically keywords or keywords phrases in which your potential customers are searching for…

Naturally you want to be aware of the top hot markets, embrace them most effectively by possessing the ability to identify potential opportunities. An intergrate these changing trends by adapting to the overall general concept of the top hot markets. To discover what the hot markets are, simply go to An you’ll see the top ten hot trends as Google calls them on the home page. Select,”more hot trends” on the bottom page to view the other top 100 hot markets you potentially can discover many opportunities. Now when I say adapt to the over all changes of the hot markets, I mean if you see that the majority of the top hot trends are about sports, or specifically about golf. Then on this day you should provide content referencing sports and/or golf in a way that it relates to your niche topic. Provide some incentives to your customers related to golf for example, “If Tiger Woods wins the U.S. open, I will give every buying customer my free product (or service) along with the chance to win brand new free golf clubs.”

How to discover what my customer is thinking…

It is a true blessing for marketers to be able to have knowledge of what customers are searching for. A profit yes a profit is being made off customer search results through ad programs like Google adwords. Knowing what’s on the minds of potential customers is priceless. There are many effective strategies to discover what’s on the minds of your customers by using social websites. A social bookmarking site called digg is the perfect example of customer thoughts… Digg allows its users to submit the url of any topic, picture, or video. Thus allowing all other users and visitors to view what they believe to be of interest or relevant to them. Digg allows you to view the most popular topics, news, videos and images. We can even discover what is the most popular topic, in our general niche category by selecting world and business. An then proceed to business and finance to view what interests our potential customers in our general niche topic category of business. We can leverage the ideas of both Google trends and digg by discovering what the general concept of the trends are in Google trends. Then proceeding to digg and leveraging that concept by going to the specific topic category, and viewing what is most popular in that category. Adapt accordingly as I discussed earlier.

Marketers can use digg to increase exposure, by writing content and submitting any form of interesting topics through your website or blog. Digg allows you to view what’s on your customers minds, all you have to do is go to digg’s home page and see the most popular topics.

Technorati: The Blog Search Engine.

Blogs are hot now a days… Technorati is a blog search engine in which allows us to view what others are writing about. Technorati even provides the mostly used tags at We can search technorati, and input our niche topics keywords to view what others are writing about on our topics. For example, if your niche topic is about list building or email marketing. Input those keywords into technorati, then proceed to click the list building tag in the related tags to view specific articles about list building.

Discover What’s Selling: Ebay

We now know what are customers are searching for, and we know what’s they are thinking… But the question is, what is actually worthy enough to our customers so that they discover there right-hand and politely use it in a way that dramatically increases the dimensions of our wallets… Just because someone is searching for something, it doesn’t mean they are willing to buy into it. The ultimate goal of a business is to acquire a profit, the items customers inquire for aren’t necessarily “buy” worthy. To obtain any profit, a business is required to sell a product or service… The ability to discover what’s selling is a wonderful skill to possess. Discovering or stumbling upon what specific category of product or services customers are willing and able to buy is essential to the art of business prosperity…

Trends change at the rate in which many of us wish our pay cycle could mimic. There are certain business environment netiquette (unwritten code of rules) when your primary mission is successfully selling.

Businesses like eBay and Google are uniquely aware that know single business is large or powerful enough to manufacture major changes in the eternal business environment. For example, demographic, social, competitive, economical business environments. Businesses know through effective strategies, global competition can be uniquely controlled by using strategies which influence eternal business events. In Washington D.C. on October of 2005 a lobbying office which focus on the internet and telecommunications and copyright was opened by google.

No you can’t force your customers to buy your product or service… However, you retain the essential privilege of leveraging what customers are in real time buying by using ebay. Proceed to incorporate your vital findings into your business model. This is why knowledge was recently added as an essential vehicle for business prosperity. The ability to leverage your competitors resources, is a priceless skill.

Discover what customers are Buying: Ebay

eBay can be leveraged in several ways… To discover what customers are buying go to Proceed to click on categories on the top left-hand corner of your browser. When I went to eBay myself, I discovered that the clothing,shoes and accessories category. Along with the jewelry and watches category, were consistently the categories customers buy from the most. I noticed that women clothing (829921) is were the majority of the profit on that specific category was. For the men, men’s clothing (371817) was the were the profit was also coming from in this category. Additionally, eBay provides us with the ability to narrow it down to a sub niche like category of for example women’s clothing that are most profitable in this particular category. For example, when clicking on the link entitled,”Women Clothing” within the clothing, shoes and accessories category. You can view what particular item of clothing is selling the most. Noticed that shirts and tops are king in terms of popularity in this particular category. Use this knowledge when providing your main product of service, and leverage this by for example using these products as incentives. While additionally, as I stated earlier in this article you can simply relate this item(s) in the content you provide in a unique way so that it relates to your business model…

Use incentives in which relate to your product. An leverage the jewelry and watches category, or any other high profit category in the same manner as the above method.

An that’s how you Dominate the Internet…

All About Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Its Features

Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP software) is an integrated system that combines and binds a company’s various functions including human resources, financials, customer relations, production etc. While this is its main function, it also helps in linking the organisation to its various customers and vendors.

An ERP software can help an organisation synchronise and streamline its different departments into one single and easy-to-handle software system. Nowadays, there are many enterprise resource planning software packages available. Some of these packages are Adempiere, BlueErp, Compiere, Fedena, JFire, OpenERP, Tryton, Postbooks, WebERP etc.

The configuration of ERP software begins by deciding which modules the company wishes to install. Most of the systems, today, are modular since they provide the flexibility in implementing certain functions. The modules installed vary from company to company. There are certain common modules such as finance that are adopted by almost all companies. On the other hand, a module of human resource would not be required by certain companies. It is said that the amalgamation benefits increase with a greater number of modules. But cost is an issue that needs to be kept in mind.

After the modules have been adopted, the system then needs to be adjusted according configuration tables. A configuration table helps to customise a particular function of the system so that it has the freedom of doing business. Using configuration tables enables a company to use the best possible way that is beneficial for a company’s processes.

Enterprise resource planning software package, generally, has the following characteristics:

  • All its applications have access to a single database in order to avoid invalid data and multiple data definitions
  • All its modules have a kind of uniformity
  • Once developed, the users can have an easy access to any information without the help of any integration work
  • It provides a business with a range of functionalities that are supported by features like flexibility, openness and global focus

Before the ERP model was developed, organisations used to have a separate software system for each department. This lead to a lack of synchronisation between the different departments and hence, there was a loss of productivity. The speed of the work done also suffered and hence, the overall performance of the organisation used to take a back seat. Having comprehensive enterprise resource planning software helps to increase productivity, enhance the speed of the work, promote smooth information exchange and lastly, leads to an increase in overall performance.

Purchasing Call Centre Software

Contact Center solutions may appear similar on the surface, but once you start asking specific questions you will realize that not all of them will address your needs.

Let’s look at this typical scenario; your organisation invites vendors to demonstrate their product; They present their software in all its splendour, the presentation may appear flawless, they will even bring in an engineer to answer your specific technical questions.

In the real world, costs don’t end with the software purchase, licensing and installation of equipment. Costs for maintenance, upgrades, call centre staffing levels, training and other operational costs must also be considered. As with any software technology selection here are steps to take and avoid;

The Project Manager

Before the project gets underway, it’s critical that the right project manager be selected to run the show. Experience with the customer, the proposed solution and expertise with this particular technology is preferred. This is a very important step since the qualities of this particular individual will have a direct impact on the outcome of the project. They may be methodical, analytical and organised but they can also lack other qualities that are required to lead a project to its successful conclusion. Because the project manager must interact with many people (such as sponsors, senior management, client, and team members), it is important that that person have good “people skills.”

Time is a critical investment, independent research will result in strong financial and operational returns on your call centre budget. After all, a call centre is often the preferred method in which customers communicate with your business. The right software can transform the chaos into a symphony of efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction When reviewing options for call centre software consider your specific criteria including functionality, implementation and cost.

Whether a call centre focuses on inbound calls or outbound calls, it must handle a large volume of calls and other communication methods simultaneously. Your agents must be able to forward customer inquiries to the appropriate representative or if necessary quickly escalate the call. Customers want and expect fast and accurate responses that deliver!

Depending on your organization’s needs, a contact centre may include a portfolio of productivity systems such as speech recognition software, interactive voice response (IVR), predictive dialling, call recording and monitoring, customer relationship management software, customer analytics and workforce management. But no matter how your contact centre is configured, there are a number of important considerations to take when purchasing call centre software.


It would be very wise to speak to at least 3 current users of the software vendors. They can reveal how their partner responds to technical support, ease-of-use and their training experience. Technical support and training is often treated as a given when all parties sit at the negotiation table. Review what technical support entails and the software’s ease-of-training to ensure new employees can use the solution from day one.

Integrated Systems

To be most effective, contact centre systems should integrate with other business software applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) software this includes customer analytics to monitor and act upon call wait times or abandoned calls. In addition to having useful features, call centre software should be easy for organizations to implement. Questions to ask during the review process include:

• Can the system be configured to your specific needs and can it be integrated with your current infrastructure?

• Is the interface easy to understand or will it require extra training hours?

• Does it integrate with your resource management, quality management and performance management functions?

Unified Communications

This is the integration of various channels of communication. It’s all about presence and the ability to identify and speak to the right people. Today customers expect many options for communicating. This that can range from a standard telephone service to social media, email and live chat.

Call Recording

Contact centres that record calls can extract valuable information from these interactions – whether the focus is to improve service delivery, sales or compliance, this source of business intelligence is perfect for customer analysis and improved service delivery.

Call Center Analytics

Contact centre managers require interactive tools for processing and analysing data. They need dashboards, animated visualisations and easy access to all information for a quick overview of critical data that is necessary for effective decision making. This includes interaction that impacts trends, KPI’s and overall performance. Make sure you have flexible reporting suited to your own business needs Flexible reporting suited to your own business needs is a must (and not just restricted to ‘standard’ reporting).

Resource Management

Contact centres thrive on two major performance factors: ability to reduce operational costs, and potential for generating income. Call centre agents impact these two critical factors. Traditional methods of managing your resources involves regular adjustments to daily schedules, agent availability, performance and targets. A workforce management tool provides total visibility of contact centre activities in real time with the goal to enhance operational activity such as;

• Analysing call patterns and historical trends in order to forecast call volume and resource requirements.

• Assigning tasks to agents and monitoring the performance of these schedules.

• Generating real time reports and tracking changes so appropriate actions can be taken.

Call Flow Designer

Contact Centres around the world operate in diverse industries and as such each industry has its own unique process for collecting, organising and disseminating information. The challenge is to design a customised call flow for your agents to follow.

A well-designed call flow not only enables agents to collect, organize and retrieve information from the CRM but also ensures that data is entered and stored correctly. Sophisticated call flow designers improve overall productivity and efficiency of agents by validating data and ensuring that it is stored accurately in the database. Managing the call flow by addressing other scenarios to answer the Where, how and or in a logical manner.


Automated voice response systems can reduce the need to speak to a live person. Some solutions address issues and inquiries via interactive voice response. And some call centre systems feature Advanced Queue Management to deliver features such as scheduled call-back.

Your call centre staff are often the sole point of personal contact between customers and your business, real-time software solutions will empower them to answer questions, research issues, resolve incidents and generate sales. Successful implementation of your contact centre software will increase efficiency by allowing your agents to spend less time directing calls and more time interacting with customers.

Ultimately, it will make running a business easier, improve customer service and increase revenue.

Make sure you consider the future of your contact centre

Customer demands are continually changing and contact centre technology is rapidly innovating. Don’t choose a solution that just suits your current needs. It is important that other channels can be added without having to wait for your suppliers to develop these or have to pay high integration costs for a separate system.

and lastly…

Look for a vendor with an online community

A provider with an active online discussion board enables users to get in touch with peers, browse an knowledge base with frequently asked questions, share tips plus add and vote for suggestions for the future direction of the software. To add legitimacy the community should be actively monitored by the provider’s experts.