Networking and Ethics

In this day and age and within the various business climates, there is an emergence of ethics in conjunction with business and social practices. Handing business procedures properly, the right treatment of employees and staff are becoming important issues. Policies are being more stringent and companies, organizations and individuals are being held accountable for their words and actions. The same can apply in the capacity of networking and relationship building. Savvy networkers are starting to understand the relevance of operating in integrity, honesty and responsibility.

Listed below are key ways in which individuals and companies can improve their networking tactics by focusing on their ethical approach.

Truth be Told

While you are out and about focus on your speech, promises and obligations to others. Demonstrate honesty and integrity in your business and social dealings. Do not over exaggerate the truth to make a sale, get a referral or market yourself. Be genuine and respectful towards your counterparts and do not compromise your image or brand. Focus on adding value, solving problems, creating solutions and initiating connections. It is easy to fall into the trap of over promising and under-delivering. Stay true to your word and follow through in all of your practices.

Take Out the Negativity

Once again, do not compromise your image or brand when networking with counterparts. Show the importance and significance of your work, product or services. Do not talk negatively about the competition or specific individuals. Focus on the positive activity of your industry, business or company. People tend to lose trust and loyalty when others have negative and dis-satisfying comments about their competition. This can hinder future business and lessen your credibility, among other things. One of the main purposes in networking is to build relationships and a viable network. In order to be successful, it is important to win the trust and admiration of others.

Fall In Line

Another way to improve your networking presence and influence with others is to be consistent in your words and actions. Stay committed to your promises and agreements. Be proactive in following through and staying connected. Make sure that your appearance, speech and written communication are all congruent with each other. Inconsistency, lack of timely and proper communication can negatively affect your networking agenda. Continue to show an appreciation for your counterparts as well as any opportunities which arise from doing business.

In regards to networking, be an individual of your words and actions. Respect the people and organizations which you choose to facilitate business and social connections.

All About Enterprise Resource Planning Software and Its Features

Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP software) is an integrated system that combines and binds a company’s various functions including human resources, financials, customer relations, production etc. While this is its main function, it also helps in linking the organisation to its various customers and vendors.

An ERP software can help an organisation synchronise and streamline its different departments into one single and easy-to-handle software system. Nowadays, there are many enterprise resource planning software packages available. Some of these packages are Adempiere, BlueErp, Compiere, Fedena, JFire, OpenERP, Tryton, Postbooks, WebERP etc.

The configuration of ERP software begins by deciding which modules the company wishes to install. Most of the systems, today, are modular since they provide the flexibility in implementing certain functions. The modules installed vary from company to company. There are certain common modules such as finance that are adopted by almost all companies. On the other hand, a module of human resource would not be required by certain companies. It is said that the amalgamation benefits increase with a greater number of modules. But cost is an issue that needs to be kept in mind.

After the modules have been adopted, the system then needs to be adjusted according configuration tables. A configuration table helps to customise a particular function of the system so that it has the freedom of doing business. Using configuration tables enables a company to use the best possible way that is beneficial for a company’s processes.

Enterprise resource planning software package, generally, has the following characteristics:

  • All its applications have access to a single database in order to avoid invalid data and multiple data definitions
  • All its modules have a kind of uniformity
  • Once developed, the users can have an easy access to any information without the help of any integration work
  • It provides a business with a range of functionalities that are supported by features like flexibility, openness and global focus

Before the ERP model was developed, organisations used to have a separate software system for each department. This lead to a lack of synchronisation between the different departments and hence, there was a loss of productivity. The speed of the work done also suffered and hence, the overall performance of the organisation used to take a back seat. Having comprehensive enterprise resource planning software helps to increase productivity, enhance the speed of the work, promote smooth information exchange and lastly, leads to an increase in overall performance.

Stress and the Domino Effect

Living a human existence can be stressful. No matter where in the world you life today, rich and poor alike and all of us in-between feel the shattering effects of stress. At this moment in history, in the United States, many sit on the edge of panic, struggling with a financial crisis that few saw coming.

Some years ago, two psychiatrists at the University of Washington Medical School devised a scale of stressful life events, some good, some bad, all stressful. They called it the “Social Readjustment Rating Scale” with the number one stressor, the death of a spouse, rated at 100 units. Even vacations and Christmas make the list as number 41 and 42 with stress racking up 13 and 12 units each.

It was interesting to note that in the list of 43 items, over one third were related to work, job, business, finance, “boss” or money. The research found that of those whose “Life Change Units: were more than 300 units within a year, 80% would get sick in the near future. the fewer stressful life situations, the less illness!

Let’s just say we begin with a healthy body but watch the dominoes tumble anyway…

  1. First stress enters into the picture, unending, unremitting – job related, financial, family injury– all of the above.
  2. And the body reacts: the adrenals are triggered to dump acidic battery-acid-like cortisol producing the powerful “fight or flight” response which continues to trigger as long as there is stress.
  3. Then acidic cytokine hormones are released systemically and because there is no specific point of injury (a broken bone, a poisonous bite) never turn “off” the stream of acid it’s dumping.
  4. The body pH, normally slightly alkaline, now is acidic causing an acidic mouth (canker sores, cavities), hyper-acidic stomach (indigestion, acid reflux), acidic small intestines (poor assimilation, mal-nutrition) and poor elimination due to lack of peristaltic action.
  5. Toxins from acidic fecal matter back up into the blood stream forcing the body to steal sodium from the stomach lining (leading to more digestive problems) and then calcium from the bones (osteoporosis) to buffer the blood back to slightly alkaline (7.2 to 7.4) – any slight deviation could mean death.
  6. The bod’ys acid terrain is now the perfect breeding ground for disease-causing microbes to proliferate as well as parasites, yeast and fungus.
  7. Unending fatigue sets in somewhere along the line with aches and pains as the body tries to deal with acid causing inflammation.
  8. When the vital signs are affected (heart beat/pulse, respiration, blood pressure and core temperature) we know we’re in trouble!
  9. Invading forces, in response to the acidic system are ready to finish the fob of breaking down the cellular structure so it can return to “dust”.

Because of “disease care” training, the typical allopathic remedy is a drug for each symptom. The health-care practitioner offers herbs and supplement, again treatment for the symptoms. no one is looking for the root cause of the acid flood. And the people continue to perish as they pop sometimes dozens of pills a day or, as in my own case, 90 herbs put up daily in three snack baggies.

Here is a two-step plan to reverse the domino effect:

  1. Pinpoint stress factors in your life and find workable ways to resolve them.
  2. Consider adding “stress relievers” to your daily routine:

  • Early morning walks – take your mate, your friend, your dog
  • Exercise groups – yoga, tai chi, aerobics, the gym, tennis, golf – get moving!
  • Relaxation techniques – meditation, biofeedback, massage, a warm bath…
  • Practice positive thinking – more helpful than you’d ever imagine!
  • Read a good book
  • Find someone you can share with/talk to
  • Simplify your life – slow down
  • Help someone worse off than you – pay it forward!
  • Laugh more
  • Eat better
  • Get to bed earlier – sufficient sleep is a healer

Stress is a killer that, once recognized, and with a simple plan in place, is 100% reversible. You’ve heard it all before – NOW DO IT!